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TransformerInterchangeable Styling Rod

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What It Is

A revolutionary heat-styling system with three barrels to create long-lasting, versatile texture with brilliant shine. This interchangeable styling rod creates countless looks, from traditional curls to disheveled waves. 

Who It’s For

All hair types; especially those looking for a multi-function hot tool that creates endless looks.

Why We Love It

  • Includes three versatile attachments—1/¾-inch cone barrel, ¾/1-inch reverse cone barrel, and 1¼-inch barrel with clip—to create endless styles, from downtown waves to amplified volume.
  • Revolutionary non-stick TOURTANIUM barrels combine the best of titanium, tourmaline and ceramic to deliver long-lasting waves and curls with two times more shine.
  • Secure PHANTOMlock barrel-locking system with easy release mechanism allows for instant swapping of hot barrels.